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Club president Dipl.-Ing., MSc Markus Burgholzer
Club past-president Hermann C. Diller
Club 1st vice president Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Walter Horner
Club 2nd vice president Harald Auzinger
Club 3rd vice president Mag. Gernot Bogner
Club secretary Mag. Gernot Bogner
Club treasurer Hans-Jörg Huber
Club Lion Tamer DI. Dr. Arthur A. Eisenbeiss
Club Activity Delegate Dr. Stefan Leitl
Club Specific Functions Mag. Christoph Wachter
Club contacts Franz Novotny
club fight against drugs Mag.Dr. Reinhold Hammerl
Club youth Ing. Klaus Samhaber
Club Kultur Hermann C. Diller
Club Leo Administrator Dir. Wolfgang Pfeil
Club LionsBase Master Mag. Alexander Hitzinger
Club Lions Quest Mag.Dr. Reinhold Hammerl
Club Membership Director / Organisation Harald Auzinger
Club Membership Director / Organisation Dipl.-Ing., MSc Markus Burgholzer
Club Membership Director / Organisation Hermann C. Diller
Club Membership Director / Organisation Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Walter Horner
Club PR/social networks Gerhard Hasenöhrl
Club webmaster Mag. Alexander Hitzinger
Club Tail Twister Dr. jur. Karl Neuhuber